iOS text replacement

use text replacement to make it easier to enter todo's or your favorite blocks
iOS text replacement
todo text replacement on iOS

iOS shortcut

import our iOS shortcut or create your own using the format to the right.
once the shortcut is installed, you can use it
phonetonote iOS shortcut
phonetonote shortcut on iOS

tap or hover to view an iOS shortcut demo

iOS share screen
phonetonote from the twitter sharescreen
phonetonote from the home screen
phonetonote from the home screen
phonetonote from assistive touch
phonetonote from assistive touch

advanced workflows

Justin Mather has documented how he uses phonetonote to capture fleeting thoughts throughout the day, and roam’s native querying to review them.
his demo graph is worth a read, and can inspire you to build your own systems around phonetonote. for more ways to pull data into notes automatically, check out our integrations.
to customize how your synced notes are rendered into your roam graph, you can harness our roam42 smartblocks integration.