freqently asked questions

common issues

  • once you verify you should get a message from a 310 number. this is the number you send your sms notes to.

  • there are some international issues with sms, the telegram bot is the best option for international users.

  • there is a known issue involving a namespace configuration option. if you are having issues, a work around is to change the namepace option.

  • there is an unknown race condition happening when firing telegram messages rapidly. if you can reliably reproduce this, please get in touch.

customization options

customization options are accessed in roam or logseq extension settings. more settings for kinopio will be added as needed.

to access settings in roam:
click three dot icon in the top right → Settings →phonetonote under extension settings

and in logseq:
click three dot icon → Settings → Plugin Settings →phonetonote logseq client

you can customize the parent block and appending hashtag of your messages.

the roam client allows for further different parent block and hashtags per client.

the roam client also supports piping your messages into a smartblock for further customization. see this post for more information.

additional levels of customization will be available in the future.

accounts and billing

phonetonote is currently offered as a free service, thanks in large part to Roam Research's plugin revenue sharing.

further help

premium email support is available for $5/month at