how to use

basic usage

signup for phonetonote, install a client plugin, and send us messages.

the next time you log into your client, we'll pull your messages and put them into your graph on the day you sent them.

link parsing

when you send us a url, we see if it has any open graph metadata. if it does, we attach it to your message.

date parsing

phonetonote uses a natural language date parser to transform human and machine date strings into their appropriate daily page reference.

we look for dates in text between two semicolons ;like this;

and transform a string like ;oct 1; to [[October 1st, 2021]]

we can parse a variety of formats such as:

  • ;next tuesday;
  • ;1 year from now;
  • ;2 weeks;
  • ;jan 10;
  • ;10/30/2020;
  • ;15-06-2020;
  • ;2013-08-01T19:30:00.345-07:00;