phonetonote's craft client is available to download as a .craftx file from this repo. the full source code is available here.

this client is in alpha version and does not yet support attachments or configuration. this will be available soon.


phonetonote's logseq client is available in the logseq marketplace, search logseq-phonetonote to find it there. the source code is also available here to build and run locally.


we do not have a native obsidian client yet, but you can use the "append to file" zapier action, in combination with our zapier integrations to pull your messages into obsidian.

roam research

phonetonote's roam client is installed as a roam/js plugin. detailed instructions are available on your phonetonote dashboard upon logging in.

configuration options are edited and stored directly in your roam graph, on a new roam/js/ptr page. you can customize your:

  • parent block — the title of the block your phonetonote notes will be nested under each day. leave this blank to remove the parent block.
  • hashtag — the hashtag attended to each message. leave blank to remove your hashtag.