telegram documents

our telegram bot has been updated to better support files and images. this is now the preferred method to send documents into phonetonote.

when you send the bot a photo, video or file, we download the file from telegram and host it on a cloudflare r2 bucket with a unique filename. you cannot access the bucket without a matching unique file name, and the bucket is not crawable by bots or search engines.

if you are a roam depot user, we go one step further and upload files to where your other roam files are when syncing messages. we then link to that url, and delete our copy of the file.

logseq users will use our cloudflare-hosted links, which as noted above makes secure but public-readable URLs for your files. this is the same level of security as the s3 URLs twilio sends us for MMS messages, which we will continue to use for MMS messages.

max file size is 50mb, which is imposed by telegram.

telegram documents and images are preferred over MMS images. carriers drop these messages, especially internationally. they are expensive to send and receive.