steps towards data interoperability

phonetonote launch

phonetoroam's mobile quick capture is a useful way to record your fleeting thoughts and live unbothered. as tools for thought expand and people are empowered to use different tools for different tasks, we want to bring this functionality to more places.

that's why today, phonetoroam is evolving into phonetonote. phonetonote's evolution is centered around an interoperable way to fetch and sync your captured thoughts.

data interop via rss

I believe the best way to build this interoperability is on top of existing web standards. all phonetonote users can now access a queue of their unsynced messages via a personal, private rss feed. a json version supports attachments, open graph link enrichment and metadata, but still adheres to the json feed spec.

our new clients — craft, logseq, and roam today, obsidian soon — fetch messages from this secure feed, and use our api to mark them as synced. our clients will be open source, and we will be releasing TypeScript definitions and a React hook. our goal is to make it as easy as possible to consume our feeds and build clients. our starter shows how to get started with the api. non-coders can add to their feed and mark items as synced with new zapier actions. and remember, you can already fetch your messages wherever you can read an rss feed.

what's next

my top priority is building feature parity across the clients and adding new clients. I'm eying notion and obsidian next, but am spending time beefing up our existing channels and clients. the next step in interoperability will likely involve sending notes or existing pages from one app to another. I believe graphql is the correct web layer to build this off of.

future of interoperability
future of interoperability