roam42 smartblock integration

phonetonote's roam client now integrates with Roam42 Smartblocks. to turn this feature on, head to your roam/js/ptr page in roam, and put a smart block name in the "smartblock template" input. leaving the field blank keeps the feature turned off.

screenshot of roam/js/ptr page, where you can set your "smartblock template" option
ptn smartblock integration configuration

when this feature is enabled, all phonetonote rendering will be handled by smartblocks. when syncing a message, instead of creating a new block with your note, phonetonote will create an empty block, and then trigger a Smartblock, passing as variables rawText, hashtag, senderType and feedItem. you can use the smartblock to render your phonetonote messages however you want.

See a demo and behind the scenes look at the code that powers this integration in the video below, staring Vargas from roamjs (owner/maintainer of roam42 smartblocks) and Scott, creator of phonetonote.

phonetonote smartblocks integration