alfredtoroam with autocomplete


version 0.0.3 of alfredtoroam supports autocomplete! you will need to uninstall your existing alfredtoroam plugin, download v0.0.3, install it, and configure it with your roam key — future alfredtoroam plans include auto updating, thank you for being with us on day 0.

in order for autocomplete to work, you will need to enable page_indexing in your phonetoroam settings in roam (on the roam/js/ptr page). after enabling, you will need to refresh your roam graph to have it start sending page titles back to phonetoroam.

autocomplete is supported on the new ptr keyword. autocomplete suggestions appear on text proceeding [[ when using the ptr command.

the ptr command pipes its results to the original roam command, which sends the message to your roam graph.

this sounds confusing, but in practice you just need to use the new ptr keyword like this demo gif: