a helpful keyboard


we have created an iOS keyboard to make it easier to type organized thoughts on the go.


  • dedicated buttons for [[ and ]]
  • one click to wrap what's on your clipboard [[in brackets]]
  • one click to wrap the previous word [[in brackets]]
  • autocomplete based on your roam titles

enabling autocomplete

to enable autocomplete, you will need to:

  • enable page_indexing in your phonetoroam settings in roam (on the roam/js/ptr page). after enabling, you will need to refresh your roam graph to have it start sending page titles back to phonetoroam.
  • give the keyboard full iOS access (settings > general > keyboards > add new keyboard, then check to give it full access)
  • enter your roam key (from the dashboard) into the helpful keyboard settings
  • this feature requires an internet connection while typing.

how to get

search "helpful keyboard" in the iOS app store, or click this link to find the app.


v1 is likely to have some rough edges, particularly the search feature. please send questions, suggestions and problems to support@phonetoroam.com.